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How to Increase Breast Milk?

How to Increase Breast Milk? We give the answer that new mothers are eagerly awaiting.

First of all, it should be emphasized that each breast milk is sufficient to meet the needs of the baby. Above all, the most important thing for mothers is to believe it. In other words, “How do I know if the milk is enough to meet the baby’s needs?” concerns such as are unfounded. However, breast milk may decrease over time. The reasons for reducing breast milk are different.

Why Does Breast Milk Decrease?

Studies have shown that breast milk may decrease due to factors such as strong pressure from the mother, wrong breastfeeding position, and malnutrition. The details are as follows:

1. Stress reduces breast milk!

Stress reduces breast milk

Stay away from stress for mother and child health. Prolactin is a substance that produces milk in our body and is released when we breastfeed. However, a hormone called oxytocin starts to work so that the milk reaches the baby through these channels. This hormone is a very timid hormone that is affected by stress. As the mother’s tension and pressure increase, the rate of release slows down and the milk cannot reach the baby.

2. Breastfeeding in the wrong place reduces breast milk!

How to Increase Breast Milk?

The second most important issue is that the baby is breastfed in the correct position. Mothers should definitely pay attention to this. If your baby sucks in the wrong position, it will not normally consume milk and it will decrease with each passing day. In addition, there is always a sore on the nipple that is causing you trouble. Therefore, please learn the correct breastfeeding method from the baby nurse before leaving the hospital.

It should also be remembered that using a breastfeeding pillow to breastfeed the baby in the correct posture can provide great comfort for him / her.

3. Avoiding breastfeeding is one of the reasons to reduce breast milk!

It is also very effective to breastfeed babies anytime, anywhere to increase breast milk. The higher the baby’s demand for breast milk, the more milk will be. Therefore, when you want to increase your milk intake, give more breast milk. No matter what time of day you are breastfeeding, especially in the first ten days, you should breastfeed a lot.

Suggestions for Increasing Breast Milk

Many new mothers are exploring how to increase breast milk. Suggestions for increasing breast milk can be summarized as follows:

1. Enough Breast Milk!

At the end of the 10-12th day, your breast milk is now mature and your breastfeeding time is approximately 12-15 minutes. It should take the form that breast milk takes and try to absorb the fat part.

2. Milk with the Milking Machine!

If you think that breast milk will not increase even though breastfeeding is abundant, you should use the pump for 15 minutes after each feeding. Milking and always do this after breastfeeding. Please don’t worry about how much milk will come out. The amount released may be small. For example, when using an electric breast pump or other milking equipment for milking, just like breastfeeding (not exactly the same, but generally similar), a lot of information is sent to the udder to increase milk.

3. Drink Lots of Water!

In addition, the amount of water you drink and the mother’s diet are also very effective in increasing breast milk. It is very important to drink 2-2.5 liters of water during the day. In addition to water, 3-4 glasses of fennel tea and instant tea sold to breastfeeding mothers are drunk.

4. Eat Nutrition to Increase Breast Milk!

Breastfeeding mothers should eat a balanced diet and consume almost any food, but some foods are known to increase the proportion of breast milk or increase the fat in breast milk. Foods that can increase breast milk can be summarized as follows:

Almond and Walnut

Drinking a large glass of water after each breastfeeding and eating 3-4 walnuts and almonds is one of the ways to increase breast milk. Therefore, it will increase the fat content in breast milk.

Meat Fish

Breastfeeding mothers should definitely focus on animal protein, especially during periods of increased milk.


Beans should also be used in this process. However, if beans produce gas for nursing mothers, it’s best to stay away.

5. Pay Attention to Eating Regularly!

It is a known fact that mothers who are fed with three main meals and three snacks also have more milk. The important thing is to eat regularly and prefer foods with high nutritional value instead of consuming too many calories at meals.