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How to Lighten Hair Color?

There are chemical and natural methods to lighten hair color. Even exposure to sunlight during the summer months to naturally lighten the hair color actually helps to lighten the hair color. However, hair color that is lightened by exposure to sunlight can damage the hair. In the winter months, our hair color may darken due to less exposure to sunlight. However, according to the new fashion concept, light hair color has become more used. Let’s examine chemical and natural methods of lightening hair.

Lightening Hair Color at Home Naturally


Lightening the hair color with natural methods does not damage the hair vegetatively and can provide nutrition to the hair. There does not seem to be much remedy other than chemical methods (such as dark brown, black, chestnut) to lighten dark hair. People with auburn, dark blond, red, light brown hair color can lighten their hair color very easily at home. You can lighten your hair color with this cure by adding two spoons of honey, a spoonful of cinnamon and a spoonful of olive oil cure, a spoonful of apple juice to six tablespoons of water. However, more familiar methods should also be mentioned.

Lightening Hair Color With Chamomile Water

How to Lighten Hair Color?

It is possible to lighten the hair color with the chamomile juice you obtain in herbalists or with the dried chamomile you have collected. In fact, it is among the simplest and most known methods to lighten hair with chamomile water. You can get chamomile water by boiling a handful of chamomile for fifteen minutes by adding two cups of water. Then you can drain the water and cool it into the spray bottle and wait for it to dry under sunlight for twenty minutes. If there is no sunlight, it is possible to perform this process with the help of a blow dryer.

Lightening Hair Color With Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is at least as familiar as chamomile juice. However, it may be harmful to apply it directly to the hair due to the acids it contains. For this, you can mix lemon juice and coconut oil and apply it to your hair. In this method, the effect of sunlight is very important. Vitamin C capsules used for skin care provide the same effect as lemon. It is even possible to say that it is more beneficial.

Lightening Colored Hair

Colored hair is very difficult to lighten. But as an exception, seawater or home-made salt water can help lighten dyed hair. However, it is not possible to talk about a lightening in the full sense, there may be a change of tone.

Lightening Hair Color With Chemical Methods

As people who dye their hair know, this is possible with oxygenated water, oxidant mixture in the content of paint cans, hair lightening sprays, chemical bleachers that can be prepared at home. The chemical-containing hair lightening method prepared at home is a mixture of carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It is possible to achieve this cure by adding three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to a glass of baking soda. By keeping this mixture on the hair for half an hour to an hour, it is possible to get more effective results than other natural methods, but problems such as hair loss, wear, breakage occur within a longer wait.