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How to Make Up Respectively?

Makeup can completely change a person. Some do it for need, some do it to look completely beautiful. When a woman wears makeup, it changes a lot, it becomes very beautiful. Of course, makeup has golden rules in itself. This includes correct makeup. When done in accordance with these rules, breathtaking images can occur. So, what are these golden rules? In turn, it is to do it cleanly. This order is as follows;

Clean skin

Before starting make-up, the most important thing to do is to make our skin clean. After cleansing and cleansing your face completely with a cleansing gel, you can start make-up.


Wearing make-up on dry skin reveals a bad look after make-up. After moisturizing, you can get a smooth skin. This step will keep the makeup in your face all day.

Applying base

It is a necessary product for make-up to fit your skin. You can find a lot of variety. After applying, you can switch to the main job.


How to Make Up Respectively?

It helps to cover up unpleasant acne, redness and bruises on your face. It should be used even if you do not have these on your face. It provides a cleaner and flat image.


There are many types available according to your skin and color type. You can choose according to your skin color and skin type. Apply it all over your face with the help of a sponge. In this way, you will see that all color inequalities are closed. If you do not need a lot of concealer, you can choose a thin foundation.

Fixing eyebrows

You can keep your low-lying eyebrows in the air all day thanks to this product. It increases the distance between the eyes and eyebrows and allows you to stand more slanted. Many brands have such products in gel consistency. You can choose according to your eyebrow color or you can use transparent ones.

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Fixing powder

It removes the shine made by foundation and concealer on your face. These products keep your face matte all day long. You can apply it under the eyes, on the chin, forehead areas.


It allows you to keep the face more shaped and get a more pointed look. It is applied to areas such as under the cheekbone, above the nose, forehead and under the chin.


It makes your face look more vivid and colorful. It has many colors such as pink and peach tones. It is applied to the cheeks.


It makes the contour and blush duo look a whole. Used to highlight. It is applied to the fine line between cheeks and eyes. You can also apply it under the eyebrows.


Eyeshadow is the product that highlights makeup. You can choose according to your outfit color or you can choose according to the mood of the day. If you do a smoky eyeshadow, it will look beautiful.


The eye is the most prominent product. Choose products that make your lashes longer and curl.


You can choose according to the shade of eyes.