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How to Remove Makeup?

You wear your makeup and travel and when you come home, makeup now weighs on your face. You know it’s time to clean up. If you do not clean it and wait like that all night, make-up fills your pores and as a result, it will return to you as blackheads and acne. The same way you take care of make-up, you need to take care of the cleaning process as much. If you put this into a routine, your skin looks bright and healthy and the makeup fits your face perfectly. So how should a woman do this cleaning?

Before doing this, you should know your skin. Before proceeding with the cleaning order, you need to find out which product is right for your skin. You can find out if you have dry, mixed or oily skin as follows;

Put the thinnest version of the napkin on your clean skin. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. If there is no wetness on the napkin, you have a dry skin. If the T-zone is wet, you have mixed skin. If the whole napkin is wet, you have oily skin. Now that you know the type of your skin, you can choose suitable products.

Oil-based cleaning waters

Use a cotton ball to gently wipe your entire skin. Even if all the makeup is not removed, most of it will be.

Cleaning wipes

How to Remove Makeup?

If you don’t have cleansing water, you can choose cleansing wipes. But you should know that wipes do not work as well as water.

Cleansing gels

After picking what suits your skin best, wipe and clean your face completely with a cleansing brush or machine. This is the most important cleaning sequence. Most of the makeup comes off with gels.


If you don’t have gel, you can get help from a soap. It will work as well as a gel.


After washing, it allows all the dirt and residue under your skin to come to the surface. These should be washable masks, not paper masks. The clay mask is the most preferred and most useful. You can also make your own masks with home products.


Whether you wash your face with gel or make a mask, there may still be leftovers. Use a cotton ball to gently wipe your face. You can also do this with rose water or soda.


Serums, which contain many vitamins, make the face look calm and healthy. You can take a very small amount and apply.


Even if you have oily skin, your face will dry out after doing so much. You can use a moisturizer to regain its old moisture. If you apply it by massaging, your skin will be relieved.