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How to Write a Book? Which Author’s Books His Wife Wrote?

People do many activities in their daily life such as entertainment and business life with help or on their own. Have you thought about how to write a book? Or that our wife will write our own book?

Since childhood, helping someone or getting someone else to do something is one of the behaviors that can happen in daily life. After people are born, when their parents get married and their spouse gets old, they can get help from their children and do their job. We can give many examples like this.


Books that enrich our knowledge, our horizons and our lives, which have all kinds of examples addressing everyone, young, old, children, adults in daily life, will surely take their place among the indispensables of our world. Most of us use books to improve our imagination, to learn or to do homework-lessons, but of course it would not be wrong to say that we always have a need.

How to Write a Book?

How to Write a Book?

Many authors have said that writing a book is only possible by reading a book. Of course it is because writing books shows how wide our horizons are. Every person writes books, but real authors’ books are read, so if you want to be a writer, be sure to read thousands of books first. Even if you ask if we don’t read, many people today write without reading, but when it comes to the market, they experience nothing but disgrace. Therefore, the more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to write effective books.

Apart from the knowledge to write a book, of course, the power of eloquence and the ability to think are very important, and what will carry you forward will be the attitude that your pen will affect. So there are 3 main rules for writing a book:


A lot of accumulation from the past is required. In addition, the general culture level is also the most important factor.

Pen Mastery:

It is necessary to use effective language while writing, otherwise the book will become unbearable from the first page.

Our Imaginary World:

The reader asks the book to immerse itself in dreams, if only one page of the text appears while reading the book, this book will be abandoned from the first page in the reader’s eyes.

What If Your Spouse Wrote?

Which Author's Books His Wife Wrote?

Think of a person who will save you from troubles in a house, share your happiness, be delighted with your joy, be sad with your sadness, grieve, share your happiness, and always defend you, this is your wife. Someone who always stands behind you, who never leaves you, loves and watches over you even if you make mistakes over and over again. Of course we all want such a wife in our lives.

Think of a writer, you are fictionalizing, you create your imagination, you share your knowledge, but you do not write, your spouse makes you talk about pen mastery and he writes.

Writer Stefan ZWEIG, who showed us a rare situation in history. His wife wrote his books and the world recognized him. Even a writer who will mark world history with his solidarity, trust and of course his happy wife, who will analyze human life in the deepest way and who will psychologically guide all world problems with its universal contents, receives help from his wife and writes his books for him.

This information is not known by most people, besides, they died together with their life partner and companion of heart.