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Who Were the Kings of the British Throne?

Who Were the Kings of the English Throne? The question is very popular lately. Because as the years pass, the longing for history increases.

King Offa, who was a member of the Mercia Dynasty in 774, was the first of the kings and queens of England, which occupies a large place for general culture. He is the first king of England after becoming an official kingdom. Although it is confirmed that he was very powerful during his time as king, it is known that this power did not continue after he died and the kingdom passed to another dynasty.

Wessex Dynasty

When the kingdom passed into the Wessex Dynasty, the kings who took the lead are as follows:

  1. King Egbert
  2. King Etherwulf
  3. King Ethelbald
  4. King Ethelbert
  5. King Ethelred
  6. King Alfred the Great
  7. King Edward the Elder
  8. King Elfward
  9. King Athelstan
  10. King Edmund I
  11. King Eadred
  12. King of Justice Eadwig
  13. King Peaceful Edgar
  14. King Saint Martyr Edward
  15. King Ethelred Without Supply
  16. King Brave Edmund
  17. The King Confessing Saint Edward
  18. King Harold Godwinson
  19. King Edgar Atheling
Who Were the Kings of the British Throne?

Danish Dynasty

  1. King Forkbeard Sweyn
  2. King Knud
  3. King Bunny Rabbit Harold
  4. King Hardeknud

Normandy Dynasty

  1. King Fatif William
  2. King William Rufus
  3. King Henry I
  4. King Stephen
  5. Mathilda
Dynasty of Britain

Plantagenet Dynasty

Members of the Plantagenet Dynasty began to take the throne. This dynasty is divided into three dynasties within itself.

Angevin Dynasty

  1. King Henry II
  2. King Richard the Lionheart
  3. King John the Landless
  4. King Henry III
  5. King Edward I with Long Legs
  6. King Edward II
  7. King Edward III
  8. King Richard II

House of Lancaster

  1. King Henry Bolingbroke IV
  2. King Henry 5.
  3. King Henry VI

York Dynasty

  1. King Edward the 4th
  2. King Edward 5th
  3. King Richard III

Tudor Dynasty

  1. King Henry 7
  2. King Henry 8.
  3. King Edward VI
  4. Lady Jane Gray
  5. Queen Bloody Mary
  6. Queen Elizabeth I

Stuard Dynasty

After Queen Elizabeth I passed away without her child, James VI, the great grandson of James IV, who became King of Scotland, passed to the throne as James I.

  1. King James I
  2. King Charles I (Saint Martyr Charles)
  3. King Charles II
  4. King James II
  5. King William III (Oranje)
  6. Queen 2nd Mary
  7. Queen Mother Later, England and Scotland were united with an agreement made in 1707. After this agreement, England and Scotland began to be known as the Kingdom of Britain.