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Why Is It Hard to Lose Weight?

There are many diets, teas, cures, detoxes, natural and medicinal remedies to help you lose your excess weight. However, if you have tried many of them and still do not get results, there is a problem somewhere or something wrong. The most important of these are health problems, genetic factors, psychological state of the person, irregular lifestyle, low water consumption, etc. First of all, it is necessary to be patient and determined while dieting to lose weight in a healthy way. Following this, regulating your life and ensuring continuous mobility will be beneficial for you during the slimming process. If we come to other obstacles;

1. What Are Health Problems That Prevent Weight Loss?

  • Insulin resistance
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Psychological problems
  • Reactive hypoglycemia
  • Weakness (anemia)
  • Menopause Hypothyroidism
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Overwork of the adrenal glands
  • Vitamin D deficiency

2. What Are The Mistakes Made While On The Diet?

Although you do not have any health problems, if you still think why you cannot lose weight, the biggest factor of these is the mistakes made during the diet. So what are these mistakes?

  • Skip meals;
    • They are the biggest mistakes made.
  • To flee
    • For example, “If I eat a few biscuits, crackers, grissini with tea, nothing will happen.” thinking brings about extra calorie intake.
  • To eliminate the foods you love completely from your life;
    • For example, chocolate, delicious cakes… Instead of cutting off eating them completely, you can reduce the portions and consume them as a reward once a week.
  • No exercise; Exercising means burning extra calories and getting slimmer locally.
  • Weighing every day
    • Continuous weighing will affect your getting the right result psychologically. Therefore, it will be efficient for you to weigh yourself once a week. For example ; Sample weight: 55 kg In the morning before defecation: 55.4 kg Immediately after sports: 54.8 kg After meals: 56.2 kg Weighing every day following the given sample will cause errors.
  • To think that the consumption of dietary products is unlimited.
  • Not to take into account the calorie rate in beverages.
  • Not being able to adjust the portion amount eaten at meals.
Why Is It Hard to Lose Weight?

How Can I Lose Weight Healthy?

If you do not have any health problems or have a disease, after treatment and regaining your health, taking into account the factors listed above; You will start to get positive results in reducing your target weight by eating regularly every day, providing sleep patterns, drinking plenty of water, necessary exercise and walking for 30-45 minutes a day.